Hong Kong Companies

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Safe - Reputable - Tax free

Hong Kong, Asia´s financial center, offers an ideal legal and tax environment for entrepreneurs and established businesses.
Local companies find an excellent base for their activities: They enjoy a maximum of regulatory freedom, tax options and are highly regarded internationally.

Use and Benefits

Versatile – International – Attractive

Hong Kong companies can be used domestically, when dealing with China, for international business transactions and as part of intelligent asset and estate plans.
They can be used as an intermediary between manufacturers and purchasers eliminating direct contacts, they can be an owner of a representative office in China, an invoicing unit and hold assets.

Professional Formation

Easy – Reliable - Confidential

We are an international legal and business consulting boutique in Hong Kong and we, the partners of CHEURAM Consulting Group, Ltd. have formed numerous companies for all kinds of purposes and structures for over 30 years. You can benefit from this vast and varied experience reflected in our service offers. Use our professional and reliable expertise when setting up your Hong Kong company.


Fair – Flat Fees - Transparent

We recognize that money is an important issue in setting up a new venture and we take that into account. Accordingly, we offer flat fee arrangements if and where possible.


Destination Hong Kong – we´re already there!