Hong Kong Company – Overview

Company Formation Made Easy

Hong Kong companies are structured similar to corporations. Their formation is quick, easy and cost-effective. You can benefit from their limited liability and protect your assets within 24 hours.

The ongoing administrative requirements are substantially less than in many continental European countries. A Hong Kong company is considered to be formed upon its registration at the company registrar.

 Before its formation the following positions must be assigned :

  • The Shareholder(s)
    The founder(s) will commonly become the shareholder(s). There are other options available, such as using nominees. A shareholder is considered to be  the owner of the company and, as such, entitled to the profits. He/she is not personally liable for the debts of the company.
  • The Director(s)
    The shareholder(s) must appoint at least one director (a natural person or a company) who represents the company. Shareholders can be directors. As with shareholders, nominee structures are available.
  • In addition, laws require every company to have a Registered Office in Hong Kong and a local Company Secretary.


We handle all regulatory obligations.

CHEURAM is a renowned specialist for the formation of Hong Kong companies and will conduct the formation of your company as easily and comfortably as possible.


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Formation packages

First Class Package
HK$ 15,999 – US$ 2,100 –
EUR 1,999

Business Class Package
HK$ 13,999 – US$ 1,800 –
EUR 1,599

Economy Class Package
HK$ 8,999 – US$ 1,200 –
EUR 1,099

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