Company Formation in Hong Kong

If you plan to:

  • form of a company in Hong Kong,
  • run it from abroad and/or
  • use it as part of your tax planning strategy,

then you should talk to us.

We are assisting our clients in all business, legal and tax matters which are important when setting up a company in Hong Kong: from the planning stage all the way through to its management and hiring staff.

As a consulting boutique with solid roots in Hong Kong, mainland China, Europe and America we guide our European and American clients through their initial steps in Hong Kong, act as an advisor and help them achieve their goals.

In our offices in London, Monaco and Atlanta you will find the same quality of expertise and response as if you were at our headquarters in Hong Kong, avoiding long distance travel, time differences – or you could personally meet your account officer in Hong Kong ensuring fast and efficient service - or simply set up your Hong Kong company online in the comfort of your office or home.

On many occasions our clients engage us in addition to their regular lawyers and tax consultants. That can be useful because we are seasoned international legal and tax experts ourselves and will be able to add specific expertise.

Rest assured that you will find professional support for:

  • Company Formation in Hong Kong
     - Basic Company Set-Up
     - Turn-Key Company with Complete Infrastructure
  • Company Administration
  • Tax Planning
  • Trustee Services
  • M & A Transactional Advice
  • Capital Markets Issues in Hong Kong
  • Accounting
  • Tax compliance
  • Invoicing

Destination Hong Kong – we´re already there!



Hong Kong: +852.8191.4390
Europe: +49.40.32 43 33


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Formation packages

First Class Package
HK$ 15,999 – US$ 2,100 –
EUR 1,999

Business Class Package
HK$ 13,999 – US$ 1,800 –
EUR 1,599

Economy Class Package
HK$ 8,999 – US$ 1,200 –
EUR 1,099

You will find our formation packages on the Prices & Services page